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Date Assignments & Readings
4/28 - Tuesday (in-class)
bullet Use the handout Creating a Banner Ad to create a Banner Ad using the AdDesiner program -- you will need to create an account but it's safe. 

I want you to create a banner ad that would entice me to click through to your home page (so the banner ad is about you) -- you can have fun with this.
4/23 - Thursday
bullet Read the E-mail Marketing chapter in your Electronic Text
4/21 - Tuesday (in class)
bullet E-mail Marketing Assignment

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4/6 - Tuesday
bullet Read the Search Engine Marketing chapter in your Electronic Text
3/31 Tuesday  (in-class)
bullet SEO Optimization - Keywords, Description, Title Tags - this is an in-class assignment
3/19 -  Thursday (in class)
Import the following files into your FrontPage account
bullet Flower - graphics file
bullet Hat - graphics file
bullet Books - graphics file
bullet Dynamic HTML Effects - html file
3/19 - Thursday
  • Read the Online Promotional Readings chapter in your Electronic Text
3/17 - Tuesday
  • Read the Online Trust chapter in your Electronic Text
3/5 - Thursday
bullet FrontPage Interest Assignment
3/3 - Tuesday (in class) Save the following files to your desktop:
bullet Fresh & Easy Banner
bullet Recipe of the Week
bullet asparagus.jpg
bullet salmon.jpg
bullet new_potato.jpg
bullet lemon.jpg
3/3 - Tuesday
bullet Domain Name Evaluation -- due no later than the beginning of class
2/24 - Tuesday
  • Read the Online Branding chapter in your Electronic Text
2/19 - Thursday (in-class)
bullet Domain Naming Assignment - this is an in-class assignment
2/10 - Tuesday
bullet Please read the Web Design chapter in your Electronic text.
bullet Good/Poor Web Design Assignment
bullet Web Design Review Assignment
2/3 - Tuesday
bullet Your USP Assignment - homework due no later than the beginning of class
1/29 - Thursday (in-class)
bullet RU USP Assignment - this is an in-class assignment -- you must work in groups on this assignment
1/20 - Tuesday
bullet Set up your FrontPage account on the ASP server at
bullet Please complete the student information form during class today so I can learn more about you.
bullet Please thoroughly familiarize yourself with the course requirements by carefully reading the syllabus.