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  E-Mail Marketing...  
E-Mail Marketing Resource Sites
bullet EmailLab's E-Mail Marketing Resources - comprehensive resource
bullet E-Mail Marketing Reference Guide
bullet VECTEC Electronic Business Research Center
bullet E-Mail Marketing Glossary
bullet How E-Mail Works

E-Mail Message Design & Copy

bullet E-Mail Creative Checklist
bullet A Strong Creative Brief Optimizes E-Mail Marketing
bullet Six Small and Cheap Ways to Target E-Mail
bullet E-Mail Copy Clinic: The Power of Words

E-Mail Metrics

bullet Are Your E-Mail Metrics Good, Bad or Ugly?
bullet Do Figures Lie or Liars Figure?

Developing and Managing Lists

bullet Kick Starting List Growth
bullet How to Optimize E-Mail List Growth - Part 1
bullet How to Optimize E-Mail List Growth - Part 2
bullet E-Mail List-Advertising Resource Center

E-Mail Postage

bullet Putting Their Stamps on E-Mail


E-Mail Marketing Tools
bullet Email Marketing Tools from Email Labs
bullet SpamCheck - a free tool that will determine the likelihood of your e-mail marketing message being filtered


bullet Spam Threatens Revenues, Kids
bullet Why You Should Worry About State SPAM Laws
bullet How Spam Works
bullet Federal Spam Laws
bullet Spam Resources
bullet 10 Biggest Spam Myths
bullet Complying with CAN-SPAM: A 10-Point Checklist for Marketers

General E-Mail Marketing Articles

bullet Behind the Scenes; What Works and What Doesn't Work
bullet E-Mail Marketing: Doing it Right and Getting Results
bullet E-Mail Delivery Best Practices
bullet DM and EM: A Comparison
bullet Ten Habits of Highly Effective E-Mailers
bullet Life Along the E-Mail Continuum
bullet Get 'Em to Tune In Not Drop Out

Newsletters and Ezines

bullet Building Communities that Promote Your Business
bullet 11 Quick (and Good) Content Ideas
bullet E-Mail Newsletters: Deliver News, Not Spam
bullet Formatting Dual Text and HTML Newsletters

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