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  FrontPage 2003 Help...  
Accessing your FP Account on the RU Server
  1. Open FrontPage.  When FrontPage is open, go to the File menu and choose Open Site (make sure you select open site and not open).
  2. In the Open Site dialogue box type: where username is your RU username
  3. When you are prompted for your username and password, enter your e-mail address (with the and the password you use for your e-mail.

Resources provided by Dr. S.

bullet Intro to FrontPage Recording -- this will show you how to open your FP site on the ASP server, walk you around the FP screen, as well as opening and saving a new page.  I encourage you to follow along by splitting the screen between the recorded lecture and FrontPage (meaning you reduce the size of the screen on the recorded lesson so you have room for both the lecture and FrontPage). 
bullet FrontPage 2003 Intro (powerpoint)
bullet FrontPage Tables (word document)
bullet Creating Interactive Buttons (word document)
bullet Creating and Using Included Pages (word document)
bullet DHTML Effects

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