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Privacy Terminology and Legislation
bullet Privacy Terminology - from
bullet A Glossary of Digital Privacy Terms from the Privacy Foundation
bullet Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Privacy Rule
bullet A Review of Federal and State Privacy Laws from The Privacy Leadership Initiative (.pdf file)

Privacy Links for the Corporation

bullet DMA Privacy Promise Member Compliance Guide
bullet Privacy Resource Guide - from Trustee
bullet How to Create a Privacy Policy
bullet Creating an Online Privacy Policy
bullet DMA Privacy Policy Generator
bullet OECD Privacy Statement Generator
bullet Guidelines for Online Privacy Policies - from the Online Privacy Alliance
bullet Principles for Children's Online Activities
bullet How to Comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule
bullet Privacy Management
bullet Creating Consumer Confidence Online: Five Essential Elements of Online Privacy - a brochure from the Online Privacy Alliance (.pdf file)
bullet DMA Preference Service - Companies can subscribe to services for e-mail, telephone and mail.  This allows marketers to purge their lists of consumers who want to receive less advertising contact.

Consumer-Oriented Privacy Links

bullet DMA Consumers Web Site Privacy Policy
bullet Privacy Tips for Consumers
bullet Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
bullet Richard Smith's Tipsheet - from the Privacy Foundation
bullet ABCs of Online Privacy - from Call for Action
bullet Website Privacy Report Card - from Perfectly Private
bullet Sharing Your Personal Information: It's Your Choice - from the Federal Trade Commission
bullet Internet Insecurity: A Special Report from Time Magazine
bullet DMA's Mail Preference Service - allows you to opt-out of national mailing lists.
bullet DMA's Telephone Preference Service - allows you to opt-out of national call lists (to reduce unsolicited telemarketing calls).
bullet DMA's e-Mail Preference Service - allows you to reduce amount of unsolicited e-mail (spam).
bullet Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) Opt-Out Service - to opt-out of promotion from Internet advertisers
bullet How Companies Track Your Moves on the Internet
bullet Opt Out of This (If You Can)

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