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  Web Design...  
Web Design Articles & Resources
bullet Top 3 Basics Many Web Sites Miss
bullet Web Site Development Overview
bullet Is Your Web Site Usable?
bullet 10 Ways to Make Your Site Sticky
bullet Guide to Frames Usage
bullet Good and Bad Frames
bullet Web Pages that Suck
bullet Writing for the Web
bullet Web Page Design for Designers
bullet Net Tips for Writers and Designers
bullet Yahoo's Web Page Design and Layout
bullet Web Design Features
bullet Dan's Web Tips
bullet Creating Killer Web Sites
bullet Usability Examples - a very useful site that displays common design problems that impair a web site's usefulness
bullet Top Ten Guidelines for Homepage Usability - from Jacob Neilsen

Sources of Free Images/Backgrounds/Buttons for Your Web Site

bullet Barry's Clipart Server
bullet buttons, bullets, dividers
bullet CoolArchive
bullet Clip Art Center
bullet MediaBuilder
bullet Google Advanced Image Search
bullet Website Design Icons
bullet 4YEO Free Original Graphics and Fonts
bullet WebGallery - Backgrounds, buttons, etc.
bullet Free Web Graphics
bullet Web Clip Art - all sorts of free backgrounds, clip art, animated images and links to other related web design sites from
bullet Backgrounds by Marie


bullet How Users Read on the Web - from Jacob Neilsen
bullet Developing Information Content for the World Wide Web
bullet My Principles of Web Design
bullet 12 Website Design Decisions Your Business or Organization will Need to Make This Year - from Ralph Wilson
bullet Splash Pages May Drown Your Site
bullet Eight Ways to Sticky Sites
bullet Help for Building Sticky Web Sites
bullet Untapped ROI: Improving Website Usability
bullet WebMonkey - a resource for web developers
bullet Web Design Links from the eMarketing Association

Information on Graphics & Color for Web Design

bullet 3D Cafe - Resource for Computer Graphic Artists & Web Designers
bullet Color Wheel Pro
bullet Image Use on the Web
bullet RGB Color Values
bullet HTML Color Names
bullet GIF versus JPEG
bullet Non-Dithering Colors by Hue
bullet Animated GIF Tutorials
bullet GIF Works
bullet Screen Ruler
bullet JPEG Optimizer
bullet Web Safe Swatch Collections
bullet 3D Text Maker - for logos, banners and headings
bullet The Pixel Ruler
bullet How Web Animation Works
bullet - animated graphics and website tools
bullet Tuning Your Images for the Web
bullet 409 Color Picker
bullet Gifbot - a free tool to optimize graphics for increased download speed


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