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Course Objectives...

Successful marketing requires a firm to understand and satisfy the wants, needs, and desires of its market constituencies. To do this successfully a firm needs data that is relevant, timely, and accurate. This data must also be transformed into information that is actionable in terms of marketing decision-making. The combination of collecting data and transforming it into information takes place during the marketing research process. This course emphasizes an applied approach with practical applications that give students a solid understanding of the field of marketing research.  At the completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • understand each of the stages of the marketing research process, as well as the role of marketing research in an organization
  • identify a managerial problem and translate it into a research problem

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  • differentiate between different types of research designs and know when to apply each type
  • understand the different levels of data and measurement and how to appropriately apply each type design and develop effective questionnaires
  • choose an appropriate sampling strategy and be able to calculate an appropriate sample size
  • choose the appropriate analysis technique and be able to analyze data using a statistical software program
  • interpret the results of their data analyses
  • derive recommended courses of action based on research finding
  • professionally communicate marketing research results, orally and in writing