Human Subjects Training


      All students participating in research at Radford University must go through Human Subjects Training and pass a 10 question test with a score of 70 or higher (you may retake the test until you pass it).  To access the RU Human Subjects Training, please do the following:


         Go to and click on the Course List button (do NOT log in first).

         Click on the Uncategorized link.

         Click the arrow next to Departmental.

         Find the course labeled IRB and ACUC.  Click on the registration icon to the right.

         Log in with your RU username and password and click Register.

         The IRB and ACUC course will now be available in your Course List.  You can take the online course at your leisure.  Be sure to read everything before you take the test.

You must provide me with proof that you have successfully passed the test.  After you have passed the test, go to My Grades.  Print this page by going to the File menu and selecting Print.  You must bring this printout to me on or before the due date as proof of completion.


Each group member must complete Human Subjects Training.  You must successfully complete this training (by passing the test with a grade of 70 or higher) and provide proof that you have successfully passed the test no later than the beginning of class on Tuesday, September 16th.  If you do not complete the training, you will NOT be allowed to work on the research consulting project.  If you complete the training after the groups have been assigned, you will not be assigned to a team (resulting in you having to complete the entire project alone -- something you do not want to do) AND you will receive a 10 point deduction on your final project grade.