Marketing Research - Spring 2009 - Mystery Shop Project Specifications

The purpose of this project is to help the Library assess the knowledge and customer service skills of their staff.  This project will not take a great deal of time but it is important that it be conducted thoroughly, professionally and with a great attention to detail.  Here are the steps to complete this project:
bullet You will be evaluating staff at the front desk.  This the desk located next to the main entrance/exit of the Library.
bullet The Mystery Shop project will be conducted between Monday, April 13th and Sunday, April 19th.  Each student is assigned a specific date and time window (you can shop anytime within the time frame assigned) in which they are to conduct the mystery shop.  This is when you must complete the mystery shop -- if you forget, another day and time will not be made available to you.  If you are unable to conduct your mystery shop during the time frame assigned, you are allowed to switch with another person.  However, you must notify me by e-mail no later than midnight on Sunday, April 12th and let me know the name of the person with whom you will be switching.  Each of you has also been assigned a question to ask a person at the front desk.  The question along with the date/time assigned to you can be accessed at:
bullet Section 1 - 12:30 class
bullet Section 2 - 2:00 class
bullet Before you visit the library for your mystery shop, you should be completely familiar with what you will be evaluating with the person you shop.  The data you are expected to collect is included on the Mystery Shopping Questionnaire.  Do NOT let the library person see this questionnaire -- doing so will divulge your identity and the purpose of your visit.
bullet Make sure that you are completely familiar with the question you need to ask BEFORE your visit.  You should not have to read it -- again this makes it look fake.  If you are asked to write down a number for a book or a periodical, make sure you do so before you go to the desk so you are ready to show it to the person you are evaluating.
bullet After you complete your mystery shop, you need to evaluate your experience.  This is to be submitted electronically at:  If you can't get to a computer right after your visit, you should write down your evaluation on the Mystery Shopping Questionnaire and submit it electronically later.  I will only accept the electronic submission for grading.
bullet Make sure you answer all of the questions on the online evaluation submission.  You will be graded on the completeness and quality of your submission.
bullet All submissions are due no later than midnight on Monday, April 20th.  No late submissions will be accepted.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.