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  Course Evaluation/Grading...

Students will be evaluated on their knowledge of the theories, principles, tools and techniques of Internet Marketing and their ability to apply that knowledge effectively to marketing decisions. Student performance will be evaluated by means of examinations, in and out of class assignments, a semester-long individual project and their level of engagement in the class (participation).  Specifically, the weights assigned to each of these performance measures are: 


Exam 1 (15%)


Exam 2 (15%)

bullet             Exam 3 (15%)

Individual Portfolio Project (25%)

bullet             In and out of class assignments (25%)

Student engagement and professionalism (5%)

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The student's final grade will be strictly determined as follows:




90.00% +


80.00% - 89.99%


70.00% - 79.99%


60.00% – 69.99%


Below 60%

Examinations. Three examinations will be given during the semester (see schedule for exam dates).  The examinations will be primarily multiple choice but may include short answer and problem application as well.  You will know about the exam format at least one week prior to the exam date.  - return to top -

Individual Portfolio Project.  This is an individual project where you will demonstrate the online marketing and web development skills you acquired in this class while simultaneously enhancing your marketability to prospective employers.  You will use your RU web space for this account. 
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In and Out of Class Assignments. In order to reinforce key course concepts (and because most learning occurs outside the classroom), each student will be involved in participating in content-related assignments and exercises. As you can see from the percentage of the course grade, these assignments are critically important to the course.  Some of these will be assigned as homework; others will be in-class exercises.  Some assignments will be individual while others may be done in teams of 2 or 3.  On team assignments, I expect all parties to participate fully in each and every exercise assigned. 

On individual assignments, please note that while I have no problem with students discussing homework assignments and helping each other with technical or computer problems, the work turned in must be your work.  Simply copying another student’s work or re-running their print-outs is unacceptable and in violation with the RU Honor Code.  If I suspect that there is an honor code violation, I will assign a grade of zero (0) for that assignment. Any subsequent violations will be handled in accordance with the university honor code system.

All assignments are due at the date and time specified on the assignment - no late assignments will be accepted.  While I encourage you to do any missed assignments for your own learning (and because some assignments build upon earlier assignments), you cannot make-up missed assignments for credit – this includes both out-of-class assignments and in-class assignments/activities.  Because of the nature of the course, there will be no additional or extra credit assignments to increase this portion of your grade.   

I believe it is important that I provide you with accurate and timely feedback on these assignments.  I will grade all assignments turned in to me on time.  I will also try to return assignments within one week of their due date (there will of course be times when that is not possible).  Oftentimes students are concerned how poor performance on one or two assignments may impact their homework grade.  We all have bad days or have more trouble with certain concepts/techniques than others.  Although I will not assign extra credit in this class, I will make adjustments (only upward adjustments) at the end of the semester.  When I compute your final assignment grade (for both the in and out of class assignment components), I will base it on 95% of the total assignment points assigned rather than 100.  For example, if, at the end of the semester you earned 400 out of 450 possible assignment points for your in-class assignments, your final in-class assignment grade will be 93.57 (400/(450 *.95)) rather than 88.89 (400 earned / 450 attempted).- return to top -

Student Engagement and Professionalism Each student is expected to be an active contributor to class discussions and in-class assignments, cases, activities, etc. Keeping up with the assigned readings is important in order for the material covered in class to be best understood and to allow your most active engagement in class.  If I ask questions related to material you should have read before class and you are not prepared to discuss it, this will hurt your grade in this area – and may result in regular quizzes being given.  I will keep track of your participation throughout the semester. I also expect you to be professional in your class behavior (see course policy on professional behavior for more details).  You can severely HURT your grade in this area by acting unprofessionally in class.  Your final engagement/professionalism grade for the semester will be based on a review of your daily participation and overall professionalism for the semester. Obviously you must be present in class in order to participate (there is definitely a correlation between attendance and participation). If you are absent you cannot participate. Please keep in mind, however, that quantity in this area does not necessarily equate to quality. You will be evaluated on the quality of your contributions. Also, please do not assume that simply coming to class ensures you will receive a high grade in this area. - return to top -